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Dr. Mark E. Kirkland, Ph.D

  Dr. Kirkland is a teacher, preacher, and soldier who’s dedicated his life to serving.
Born in Dothan, Alabama, and educated in the Dothan City public school system.  Dr. Kirkland received further education at North Central Institute, Cypress Bible Institute, Central Texas College, and Andersonville Theological Seminary, and with honors from Global Oved Dei Seminary & University.  Dr. Kirkland served his country in the United States Army for over 25 years with distinction and is the recipient of multiples awards and decorations:

In 1997 Dr. Kirkland entered the ministry and was ordained in 2003. Dr. Kirkland has served in multiple positions in ministry to include but not limited to:
·         Outreach Missions South Korea 1997-1998
·         Youth Minister 1998
·         General Secretary C.G.A.M 2001-2004
·         Chairman C.G.A.M 2004-2007
Dr. Kirkland is the founder and chairman of Temple of Faith Apostolic Ministries Inc. founded in 2009, and is Co-founder of Faith Christian Academy 2010.  He has also established multiple community help programs, such as DARE-2-CARE a community outreach partnership program focused on providing food, clothing, and job placement assistance to the community at large. Dr. Kirkland established Honorable MENtion, a male youth mentorship programwith a strong emphasis on responsibility, accountability, and self-discipline, Dr. Kirkland also Co-Founded the VIRTUE GIRLS a female youth mentorship program focused on developing young ladies into strong leaders through arts, education, technology, cultural literacy, civic engagement and leadership.
                Dr. Kirkland is a member of The Heart of Texas Fellowship (H.O.T), Concerned Christian Citizens, & is a TwoGether in Texas pre-marital counselor.  
Dr. Kirkland has been married to the beautiful Dr. Kathy A. Kirkland for 29 years and has  been blessed with five children.
Dr. Kirkland currently serves as the leader of a vibrant church with a 21 century community first philosophy. 

And I will give you Pastors according to mine own heart (Jeremiah 3:15)

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